Subject: How to Shop for Your Pet Bird

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On January 1, 2002 got its first order (having sold at bird shows for 9 years prior). Remarkably we've been on the web for 10 years now. We have thousands of customers that have been with us the entire time and tens of thousands of new ones. So as we landed on our 10th anniversary it occurred to me the several major changes to our website may not have been haven't been noticeable over that period of time.

Probably a good thing. One constant has been ever expanding technology allowing us to provide the best possible web shopping experience; and like many situations we look at day in and day out, sometimes we take things for granted.

I decided it might not be a bad idea to provide a video instruction manual of how to actually shop on This website has lots of "moving parts" and we want you to have a pleasurable visit while you're here.

I know when I arrive at any new destination I will seek out a map of some sort so I can get to where I need to go without a lot of hassle or constantly stop to ask for directions. We hope this video will help you be a better caregiver for your bird in the least amount of time possible and show you how shopping here is your best investment in bird supplies.

Mitch Rezman
Vice President
Windy City Parrot, inc. 
Video - How to Shop for Your Pet Bird
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