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Caring for a pet bird can be challenging at times. We get asked about solutions for every species imaginable, from Budgies to Palm Cockatoos. We'd like to share some information with you to assist in becoming a better bird keeper.
How is your bird(s) handling this scorching heat? 5 summer safety tips can be found on this blog.

Interesting discussion on Facebook yesterday about bird yawning. A woman has a Cockatiel that yawned so much she was concerned. The discussion can be found on Facebook here. Not sure what a bird yawn looks like? Here's a quick video

Birds are the master of disguise when it comes to hiding illness. One of the best ways to know if your bird is getting sick is to weigh him/her regularly. Here's some info about weighing your bird 

Every bird cage should have at least one Expandable Habitats Stainless Steel Kabob. They're all back in stock. Find more about them here

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