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The second biggest challenge to selling exotic bird supplies online is allow us to help you help yourself. People who have a large decorative bird cage full of finches, have different needs than a bird owner who just adopted a four year old African Grey parrot. Then there's the just weened baby Blue & Gold Macaw coming home like a new baby, customer. Three types of bird owners with very different needs.

What's the first challenge? Earning your trust. We understand it's always a leap of faith to give your credit card information to a stranger a thousand miles away in the hopes you'll get what you ordered. We've been on the web ten years, shipped more than 50,000 orders and still work hard every day to earn your trust. 

In any case, although our website offers one stop shopping for almost every bird enthusiast, as a consumer, knowing what to buy for your particular species of pet bird(s) can be harder than say choosing a particular type of cat litter. A quality cat litter will work for most cats. Few bird supply items will satisfy the needs of 350 species of parrots.

We try to offer our own home grown tips and advice for bird and parrot care on a regular basis but to cover so many divergent needs really requires many voices to be heard. So we thought we'd show you some of the places we hang out on the web, learning how to care for birds, right along with you. 

Got a big bird? Need advice on behavior issues or just seeking behavior tips? When the first paragraph on the blog reads:

"It’s been suggested to me numerous times that I should start my own blog, so here it is. I am fascinated with behavior, behavior modification, the study of abnormal repetitive behavior of captive animals, and the behavior of parrots which has extended into birds of prey and recently anything avian. I’ve fallen into the great sea of behavior when I had acquired my first parrot, Rico, my Umbrella Cockatoo over seven years ago".

We can only suggest you check out Lara Joseph's Blog. If you have a parrot, you'll become a regular reader

The Hagen Avicultural Reseaarch Institute (H.A.R.I.) website is worth the visit. You're greeted with a one minute video explaining how their captive parrot breeding program enables Hagen to develop the very best blends of bird food, bird seed and bird pellets. Some great articles from veterinarians and experts are yours for the reading. Don't forget to download your free digital versions of Parrot Life magazine

You might not have an Eclectus parrot but clicking on the Land of Vos is really worth a few minuets of your time to learn about these beautiful sexually dimorphic (males are green - females are red) parrots.

Nutrition is always on the mind of someone whose pet has a standing heart rate of 200 beats per minute (the average parrot). Windy City Parrot offers Harrison's Organic Bird Food products . It may not be in your budget but you'll learn a lot about bird nutrition on Harrison's Pet Products Blog

If you haven't figured it out yet, we love birds. That's pretty much what we think about all the time (although Mitch, my husband and co owner of Windy City Parrot seems to think about motorcycles - a bit).

We love birds so much we're bringing one of our long time passions to the site -  feeding wild birds. Look for wild bird seed, bird feeders and bird houses coming just in time to help keep some birding activity in your yard for the winter months. (the website) has become so big even we forget where we've put some pages. We're working on making some of them easier to find. Several pages on the site offer live feeds - in other words the content comes from another website and is updated regularly without us doing anything except, reading more about birds. 

Whether or not you're a back yard birder, is a great website with up to date news specifically in the world of birds. Just click on a title to read any birding article. check back every couple of days or just add it to an RSS reader, we use Google Reader ourselves.

If you have any comments or feedback to share,please post them to our Facebook fan page we'd love to hear from you

Halloween isn't that far away so I figured what newsletter wouldn't be complete without a Ruby the Red Sided Eclectus parrot vs the mini pumpkin - 12 second video?

ecletus parrot playing with very small pumpkin Youtube videp
Until next time

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot, Inc. 

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