Subject: A Management Plan For SFI Success

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  In This Issue . . A Management Plan For SFI Success!  June 7, 2013 Vol. 1

Greetings . . .  I am Williams Ford, your sponsor/co-sponsor/mentor/friend with another issue of your SFI Connection News Updates.   Strong Future International has been helping people just like you earn money from home using nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. I am here to help you grow your business and achieve your financial goals with Strong Future International.
In our last issue, we discussed one component of a solid plan to grow your SFI business - your marketing plan. Let's remember . . . the marketing plan will identify the following:

1.  How to pick the right products/ services for your target market

2.  Statistical data about your market, your products, logistics, customer satisfaction and competition in your market. 

3.  Budgetary limits and promotional strategies to be deployed

4.  What mass communication tools and resources you can afford to promote your products/services

5.  Create flowchart to gives you the 'big' picture of the process(es) involved in sponsoring and creating sales.

Your marketing plan will outline your specific marketing strategy that you will use to give a sustained competitive advantage in the marketplace.  It will profile your ideal prospect for W3 participation as well as the ideal affiliate for building a sales team of affiliates.  Remember marketing is the process of delivering products and services to the end user at the right time, price, and place.  

In this issue, our focus turns to the management plan.   Before we proceed . . . what exactly is management?  Well, by definition management is the process whereby leaders make effective use of people, resources, or capital.

As a result, a successful management plan for your SFI business is going to identify who your key affiliates are/will be, who your investors are if any, which companies/individuals you will outsource tasks to, and plans for training and development of key affiliates in your organization.  Without good managerial skills it is hard direct the course of a loosely strung organization.  The management plan allows you to provide structure to your team and synchronize the efforts of the team for the benefit of each member involved.   

As your SFI business grows it becomes your task as the owner operator of your business to ensure that you maximize people, resources, and your time.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a virtual assistant to assist you with the mundane activities of growing your business while you focus on sales?  Or product development?  Or research?  Ultimately, running an efficient and highly profitable business is too much for the sole proprietor but many do start out that way. 

Therefore, since the buck starts and stops with you, you need to develop all of the skills that effective managers need.  For example:

1.  Set Smart Goals and Develop Effective Strategies to Achieve Goals

2.  Have Intense Focus and Passion For What You Do

3.  Possess Charisma That Magnetizes the People You Lead

4.  Demonstrate Mastery of the Knowledge and Tools in the Process

5.  Be Given to Generosity in All Aspects of Your Business

As the adage goes, Leaders are made . . . they are not born because all of us have a capacity to lead.  Everyone of you have a uniqueness that is you that when you master it, it will give you a competitive advantage in any market any time.
And let's not forget . . . an effective management plan is going to answer the human resource concerns that come up in your organization. Questions like:

1.  How many PSAs/CSAs do I need to reach my financial goals.  

2.  How am I going to work with my network?  What tools and resources with I need to master to effectively communicate with them?

3.  How am I going to balance my home office and my living space?

4.  What happens to my business if I die?

5.  What type of incentives/rewards am I going to deploy to motivate my network?

6.  What strategies will I deploy to provide extra support to those that need it?

7.  How will I inspire them to reach for team goals that will boost everyone's bottom line?

8.  How am I going to create duplication through 12 generations?

9.  What happens to my business if the corporate offices close?

10.  How will I develop and promote the concept of transfer buying to foster greater commissions?

And many, many more.  Nonetheless, it is clear that with no plan to success it is a sure fire plan to fail!
I'm Williams Ford, your sponsor/co-sponsor/mentor/success coach and friend. If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to reach out to your sponor/upline or myself. I'm just an email away!  In our next newsletter, we will address further factors that impact the success of your SFI business.  So be sure to be on the lookout for that issue and thanks for subscribing!
  About the Author . . . .
   W. G. Ford, BTL SFI, President of WGF Enterprises, Inc lives in Perry GA USA with his wife of 17 years and 3 children.  He has been in SFI since July 2007 and actively since October 2010.  He has a double AAT degree in Marketing Management & Accounting.  He career highlights include Executive Administrative Assistant for Brotherly Love Nursing Home Ministry Inc and Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart.  He is currently pursing his interests in ministry, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, blogging, mentoring & and success coaching.  He can be reached by email or 229-395-1064.