Subject: Legal Protection For You & Your Family

  Legal Protection For You & Your Family 

Don't Let Justice Look The Other Way, When You Can Make Them Pay! 
 According to a recent study done by Decision Analyst Inc., 93% of the persons surveyed believe that lawyers charge too much for their services.  While most people agree that years of law school warrant the expertise of a lawyer, there are no standards that set prices other than competition.  So unfortunately, most Americans are unaware of the privilege of having open access to an attorney.  The fact of the matter is that we all have been wronged at some point in our adult lives but we not able to afford a long lengthy court battle much less 250/hr that lawyers charge in general.  Some folks may be fortunate to have a family member that practices law.  Nevertheless, there are many facets of law and lawyers like doctors have specialties.  So if your family lawyer doesn't specialize in the area of law that you need help with then you are back at square one.  Furthermore the study showed that only 60% of respondents sought out the advice of an attorney leaving 40% of the 57,000,000 incidents of legal issues unchallenged either because they didn't seek out legal counsel or couldn't afford it.    Get Legal Shield Protection

In addition, the study showed that most incidents of legal issues arise from the following categories:
  • automobile accidents
  • contract issues
  • mortgage issues
  • traffic violations
  • family & estate planning
  • court actions 
  • adoptions
  • law suits
Moreover, the study noted that 90% of those surveyed stated that they would seek out legal advice and representation if it was more affordable.  What about you?  If you could eliminate the 250/hr charge to consult with an attorney on an issue whether it is pre-existing or not would you?  Do you think this would benefit you?  Many times we are face with terms of a contract that we really don't grasp but since we need the car, the furniture, or the loan we just sign it and get it over with.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a lawyer look over any contract you are about to sign to make sure your interests are covered?  If you could have this type of protection would it be of value to you?

Furthermore, the study showed that of the people surveyed, 66% said they had to miss at least 1 day of work to deal with legal issues.  If you make 15 dollars an hours and you work 12 hour shifts this equates to about $210 dollars in lost wages.  If you lost $210 dollars from your paycheck I'm sure that would put a strain on your budget.  To make matters worse, most jobs don't count this time off as excused so it counts against your attendance.  So wouldn't it be of benefit to you to be able to pick up the phone anytime call law firm and get help?  I know I use my legal protection just like 70% of those surveyed do.  The lesson of course is   Get Legal Shield Without Delay!
 Business & Government Law     

Contracts, Collections, Warranties, Disclosures, Merchant Warranty, Refinance,
Foreclosures,  Bankruptcies.
 Criminal Law     

 Consultations  and most services offered to members at a 25% discount.  Misdemeanors, felonies, parole, probation, arbitration, arrests.  
  Civil Law   

 Estate Planning, Divorce, Custody, Child Support Recovery, Marriage, Wills, Probate Issues, Power of Attorney, Medical insurance
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