Subject: Work Place Harmony?

September 2016
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What if you went to work tomorrow and there was no internal competition? None. Can you even imagine it? No backstabbing, bickering, envy or ill will? 
Lack of team work is the silent killer in business today, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
Playing twelve seasons in the NBA taught me the inherent value of work place harmony. This is not to say that internal competition never occurred on our team. It is, however, something that was short lived and not tolerated. In professional sports there is no room for in-fighting. Period.
I can attest that there’s nothing worse than showing up to practice and feeling tension between teammates. When our team had a losing streak, the tension between players was palpable. Fans booed, tempers flared, and sports radio hosts called for everyone to be traded! How did we solve this tension? The answer is remarkably simple. We closed the locker room doors, shut out the external noise and talked it out amongst ourselves. We focused on who we were as a team. We communicated. We each aired our grievances. We were listened to and heard.
When we walked out of the locker room we were a cohesive unit, patting each other on the back, with a new resolve and commitment to our team. And we did this continuously, not just one time. And to a player, we looked at ourselves first when looking to make improvements or changes for the better.

Have you experienced infighting or internal competition at work? Water-cooler gossiping turned cruel? There is a way to stop this behavior and the first place to start, just as with our team, is yourself. Be the uplifting voice in the sea of grumblers. Foster that feeling of team in every discussion. Refrain from speaking negatively about coworkers and focus on cooperation, communication and encouragement instead. If you keep the bigger picture in mind, that when the company wins you win, this becomes much easier.
Action Step
Spend one entire week staying positive at work. No complaining. No grumbling. No gossiping. NONE. It can be done! Note the change in yourself and those around you. Take it one step further and email me your results at Good Luck and Go Team!
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