Subject: Who's got your back?

September 2016
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In an unprecedented move last month, the NBA Players Association announced it was funding a program to provide health care coverage for all retired players with at least three years of service. In the world of professional sports, this is an historic event to say the least. And frankly, it is a stark contrast to the popularly held belief that ALL pro athletes are self-centered and self-serving. Even retired athletes can fall victim to the default paradigm of comparison: “Hey you have so much, why aren’t you doing more for us?” The recent decision by current NBA players, like Chris Paul and LeBron James, has certainly shattered that poorly held assumption. They have proven that they do indeed have the retired players’ backs. They are looking out for, and protecting, those who came before them. They care about the entire NBA team.

Have you ever felt someone should be doing more for you or for your team?
I believe everyone wants to feel protected, to know someone has their back and their best interest in mind. In many cases we are looked after by employers through health insurance and other benefits that may come with the job. However, when you get to the heart of the matter, I believe what we value most is the knowledge and feeling that those close to us truly care. The feeling that those we work with are there for us when needed. Those actions and sentiments make all the difference.
Take a look around the office. Who would you seek out if you really had a problem or needed to talk? Who would come to you? Have you asked anyone to lunch recently? Chatted over a cup of coffee to see how someone in your circle of influence is doing—personally or professionally? Are you protecting your friends, family, or co-workers in some way?
Part of being on a team is taking a step beyond just showing up and doing a job. Simply checking in regularly will give you valuable insight on the well-being of others, improve morale and ultimately, the bottom line.
Action Step
Write down the names of 3 people you need to let know this week that you have their back--this can be co-workers, family members or friends. Pick a day this week and execute the play. Let them know you’re there for them.
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