Subject: The Power of the Assist

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Has your team struggled with too many missed shots? Unclosed sales? Lost opportunities? Are they constantly coming up short in their attempts to score? 

Perhaps it’s time to give them an assist

The goal of a great team is to take the best shot, grab the lowest lying fruit, in order to win the game. Why take a three pointer when you can make an easy lay up? If your teammate has a better shot, it is best to give up the ball and let them shoot. Shooting closer to the basket yields a higher percentage shot and results in more points (closed sales). 

My teammate, John Stockton, retired from the Utah Jazz as the NBA's all-time assist leader. He helped other players score 15,806 times! He unselfishly provided the ball to his team at the precise moment needed to score and achieve the team's goals. To win, help others win! 
The assist is a powerful example of the overall synergy required for a team’s success. It’s about being committed to doing whatever it takes to come together to win. To work cohesively on every play. 

The assist could take many forms: it may be training or coaching, strategizing for better game plan execution, giving up the glory of your own score to allow your co-worker to take the better shot. Again, when your team wins, you win! Whatever form your assist takes, there is power in helping others win. John Stockton is in the Hall of Fame for it. Where could your assists take you?
Action Step
What can you do today to assist your teammate in scoring their next goal? How could you position them to increase the percentage of their shot?
Perhaps you have insights or past expereinces to share that would assist them. There IS something you can do. Once you know what it is, don't wait. Assist your teammate. Allow them to score and your team to win!

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