November 2015
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Nov 19, 2015 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Dec 4, 2015 Salt Lake City, Utah
Dec 10, 2015 Atlanta, Georgia
Dec 18, 2015 Denver, Colorado
It has been my experience that there are certain situations which require us to persevere even though the current outlook appears bleak. When I was recruited to UCLA from Cypress Junior College, I thought I had “made it”. The road from there to the NBA was going to be smooth and filled with playing time. Boy was I mistaken. As the season began, I once again found myself sitting at the end of the bench. Discouraged and frustrated I called my junior college coach, Tom Lubin, for direction. He told me to continue lifting, running, shooting, and working on my agility drills. He explained that if I wasn’t going play in the games, I’d have to make the practices my games. Doing that extra work was what it was going to take to earn a tryout with an NBA team.

I listened to my coach and I fully committed to doing everything he’d outlined. While most players spent an hour practicing each day, I was out there 6 hours a day shooting, running and hitting the weight room. I made daily goals for practice, which ranged from shooting 300 shots a day to getting 3 rebounds and 2 blocked shots during a 10 minute scrimmage. I didn’t let my current situation deter me from my long-term goal of becoming an NBA player. I committed myself, precisely followed the advice of my coach, and earned an opportunity to try-out with an NBA team.

That try-out led to a 12 year NBA career with the Utah Jazz. I became an All-Star. I succeeded because I utilized those lessons learned early in my career. Each season I knew I had to persevere and commit to maintain and improve. These same lessons have served me successfully in business for over 20 years. They will help you. Persevere. Commit. Succeed.
Action Step
As YOUR coach, I personally challenge you to set daily goals for the next 2 weeks. Think about your position. How can you improve regardless of your situation? Commit to yourself. Commit to me. What would make YOU feel better about your performance?
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