Subject: Don't Be SELFISH. It Is About The TEAM

December 2015
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Being Selfish is Toxic to the TEAM.
Being a selfish player on the basketball court can be an absolute detriment to your team's overall success. I was a first-hand witness to this in my early years with the Utah Jazz. When I first joined the team we had players who were extremely selfish. They were more worried about getting more minutes and better statistics than they were about getting better as a team. With that culture in place, our win-loss record took a beating. Luckily, Coach Frank Layden stepped in, took the reins and did away with that "me-first" mindset. Quickly there after our team improved, became closer as a unit and as a result we consistently won more games.
Check Your Ego At The Door
Being a selfish teammate in the boardroom is just as negative to team success as being a selfish teammate on the court. If you or a member of your team is unwilling to sacrifice personal achievements in order to further the success of the overall team then your team will never reach its full potential or efficacy. As a leader you must encourage your employees to forgo some desire for personal achievement in order to better the team. As an employee or coworker understand that giving up individual success will eventually benefit you as well as the rest of your team.
Action Step
Look towards 2016 and ask yourself whom do you need to upgrade your relationship with? A specific client? Coworker? Manager? Boss? What impact do you think that would have on that career?
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