Subject: Are You a 4th Quarter Player?

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Nov 5, 2016       Smithers, Canada
Nov 9, 2016       Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov 11, 2016     Scottsdale, Arizona
Nov 18, 2016     Salt Lake City, Utah
Jan 6, 2017        Hutchinson, Kansas
Jan 9-10, 2017   Orlando, Florida
Jan 9-11, 2017   Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Jan 17, 2017      Salt Lake City, Utah
Jan 18-19, 2017 Salt Lake City, Utah
Jan 24, 2017      Huntington Beach, California

Are your numbers where you want them to be? Can your coach count on you down the stretch? What does it take to finish strong?

As an NBA player I always wanted to be in the game. Every minute of every game. I hated sitting on the bench. But there are 12-15 guys on a team and only so much playing time to go around. The coach had to make a decision. I always wanted to be the player the coach could count on and would look to when the game was on the line.
It was great to be a starter, acknowledged by the crowd at the beginning of the game. But the greatest respect I received was to be counted on at the end of the game, when we needed the big score or the big defensive stop. Being a part of the five guys on the floor meant everything to me. Gut check time, three points down one minute to go!
Preparing myself for that opportunity took years of hard work, preparation and good coaching. The resulting confidence, however, was incredible.I knew I could perform when asked.
Are you that person? The one who is ready and able to perform when the goal is on the line? The go to player? Assess your talents and skills. What else could you do to help your team finish the year and hit your numbers?
Action Step
It might be time to huddle with your coach or your team and determine the best strategy for the last few weeks of the season. Share your ideas, create a plan and get out there on the court! Your team is counting on you!

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