Subject: Are You Doing EVERYTHING You Can To Succeed?

October 2015
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Nov 3, 2015 West Jordan, Utah
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Nov 6, 2015 West Jordan, Utah
Nov 19, 2015 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Sometimes You Have To Go The Extra Mile
There are certain situations that require us to continue forging on the same way that we have been even though the current situation looks bleak. When I had made it to UCLA from community college I thought that I had made it. I thought the road from there to the NBA was going to easy, enjoyable and filled with playing. I was sorely mistaken. Once again I found myself stuck at the end of the bench. Discouraged and frustrated I called my junior college coach, Tom Lubin, for direction. He told me to continue lifting, running, shooting, and working on my other skills because doing that work was what was going to earn me a tryout with an NBA team. So there was, every day before practice and after practice, doing the work that I was told to do in order to get through a difficult period in my career and reach my goals. 
Just Grit Your Teeth And Keep Working
Even Forrest Gump knew it: "Life is like a box of chocolates." Sometimes that means you get stuck in situations you don't like but you have to go through them in order to reach your ultimate goals. Imagine your highest goal is to be put on more high priority projects but the one you are working on now feels more like busy work. Should you just quit simply because you aren't getting to do what you think you should? Not all. If you continue to do the work that you are given in the manner that you are told to do it in then you will continue along the path to reaching your goals.
Action Step
Determine what your ultimate goals in your current job are and then ask others what the best way would be to reach those goals. Once you have been given a plan, execute it.
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