Subject: Hey Friend .. Check out Mesmerix's latest video! (PREVIEW LINK CORRECTED)

If you like EROTIC HYPNOSIS then you are going to love MESMERIX'S LATEST TWO-GIRL VIDEO


Kiera, has just arrived in LA and when she learns that her old friend, Cassie, has just broken up with her boyfriend. Kiera, has wanted Cassie to herself for as long as she can remember, and she wastes no time in putting a plan into action.

Take particular note of what a great subject Cassie is, she really did get into this and you can tell... her face reveals all the pleasures of becoming profoundly hypnotized by her friend.

Filled with hypnosis from start to finish, you will enjoy watching Kiera make Cassie her love doll. Lots of pendant and eye inductions, and she even hypnotizes Cassie with her swaying pussy!

Kiera Winters and Cassie Laine have a blast in, “I Hypnotized a Girl... (and she liked it!)” it's 24 minutes long, and it's available now

for the very special price of $22.95 until Nov. 18th., when it will go to $27.95

You can buy your copy here.

Check out the PREVIEW here.

Let us know what you think!!

Nikki and Bob