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AVCables Focus Newsletter
53rd Edition


Dear Friend,

Welcome to the 53rd Edition of AVCables Focus Newsletter!

As usual, we wish to extend a warm welcome to all our new subscribers. We do hope you'll find our audio/video newsletter interesting and value-adding; and remember we value any feedback you may have.

In this month's edition...

In this edition, we conclude our revisited coverage on hi-fi system setup secrets from world-renowned hi-fi reviewer Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief of The Absolute Sound Magazine. We also have articles to broaden your technical know-how and views on current trends in the av industry. Let's take a quick look at what's being covered:     

  •  Our 'Feature' article provides a revisit (Part 7) of Robert Harley's System Setup Secrets. Great stuff! Do not miss out!
  • In our 'Industry News' section we announce the release of Spendor's latest floorstand loudspeaker, the A3. We also announce the release of an upgraded version of the Spendor    S3/5R bookshelf / wallmount speaker. We also bring you insight on the latest developments on Laser Cinema Technology.
  • Our twenty-first lucky draw winner for a pair of Ecosse Best Boy interconnect cables will be announced in next month's newsletter.
  • Our 'Reviews' section covers another two excellent reviews on the 5-star award-winning Spendor A9 floorstand loudspeaker; as well as a review of the Spendor SP2/3R2 monitor.
  • Our 'Technical Snippets' section is empty this month! We ask all our subscribers to PLEASE email us a few ideas or share with us you personal experience in bettering your system's sound!

  • Our PRODUCT SPECIALS section provides UPDATED offers on new and demo equipment - don't miss out on these bargains!

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