Subject: Just Announced JV Partners/Contributors - Smashing Summer Giveaway and Peoples JV Giveaway


Greetings Friend, welcome to another edition of the AECNU JV Partners Newsletter :-)

Another Quality Giveaway just announced seeking JV Partners/Contributors .....

Smashing Summer Giveaway

Launches on:     06/29/2009


People's JV Giveaway

Launches on:     07/04/2009



Other Giveaways seeking JV Partners/Contributors:


Independence Day Giveaway - 300 USD Referral Contest

Launches on:     06/30/2009
Closing Doors:   07/31/2009


Reed Floren's Great Giveaway Event

Launches on:     06/19/2009
Closing Doors:   06/26/2009


Giveaway Jubilee - Special Summer Giveaway

Launches on:     06/25/2009
Closing Doors:   07/25/2009


Smashing Summer Giveaway

Launches on:     06/29/2009
Closing Doors:   07/06/2009

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